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The Intratec TEC-22 is a semi-automatic handgun chambered in .22 Long Rifle. It was also marketed as the Scorpion and Sport-22. Like most firearms of this caliber the TEC-22 operates using a straight blow-back action.

The TEC-22 is constructed largely from molded plastic and stamped metal parts. Together with an extremely simple design this allowed the gun to be made and marketed inexpensively.

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The Sport-22 featured a non-threaded barrel and a 10-round magazine to comply with the now expired 1994 U.S. firearms legislation which forbade the sale of the original TEC-22 model.

Similarities to Ruger 10/22

The TEC-22 is designed to use magazines and drums made for the popular Ruger 10/22 rifle. The extractor is also interchangeable with 10/22 extractors.


The below items are advertised for mail order in the 1994 TEC-22 manual:

  • Barrel extension
  • Scope base
  • Recoil compensator
  • Sling set


Failure to eject ("stovepiping") is a common complaint of TEC-22 owners. Some owners report better reliability with certain magazine brands that have steel ejectors. The magazine well is fairly loose, allowing the magazine a wide range of possible orientations. The ejector in 10/22-style firearms is integral to the magazine. Because of this, the play in the magazine orientation can affect ejection.

Another common complaint is the tendency of the firing pin to break. Aftermarket firing pins are available.

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