Innovative product – “The Bed Belt” holstering system

Bed Belt

The Bed Belt™ was designed as a means of keeping a side-arm holstered within close reach, and in a guaranteed location, for ease in quick deployment. By keeping it holstered with the trigger covered, this helps prevent accidental discharge. No more fumbling around in a nightstand drawer, or under the pillow, for a gun that is not securely anchored! Simply reach down to the Bed Belt™ for easy and safe withdrawal. Please note that this solution is not recommended for households with children, or in locations where mandatory gun locks are required.

Each item is woven onto the framework just like you weave them on your belt, then the whole frame is slid between the mattress and the box springs on a traditional bed. The unique Bed Belt™ L-frame is held close to the bed so that it won’t snag as you enter and exit the bed–or simply walk by. It can be permanently mounted to most waterbeds, camper, and RV beds using screws through the mounting bracket. Each item is then in easy reach, yet securely held in place. A comforter or bedspread can discretely cover the mounting hardware during the day.

The Bed Belt™ includes the one-piece mounting bracket, with holes drilled in it for easy mounting to a fixed location. It also includes a heavy duty nylon webbing strap for affixing items to the frame. No buckles are required, as the webbing will create a friction lock when woven through the end slots appropriately. It measures approximately 20” long, 3” tall with a mounting flange of 6” wide. It is made of an attractive brushed aluminum finish with rounded corners so that it won’t cut sheets and bedding.


What will the bed belt hold?

The bedbelt is designed to hold any item that would normally be suspended from your belt during the day. It was originally inteded to hold a firearm in a holster where the trigger was protected. It also holds I-Pod cases with belt loops, cell phones with belt clips or case, flashlights with belt clips or holster, pagers, spare magazines etc. Anything that has a way of normally being strapped to your belt can be mounted to the bedbelt.

Do I need a spare holster?

If your holster needs to actually thread onto the belt rather than clip to it, it is recommended that a spare holster be used. This avoids having to thread the holster onto and bedbelt each night and off of the bedbelt each morning.

Why is this better than a night stand for my sidearm?

If you store your firearm in a nightstand outside of a holster for easy access, the trigger is exposed. When trying to secure the gun in your hand in an emergency it is easy to get your finger or other item inside the trigger guard causing an unintended discharge.

If you store your firearm in a nightstand secured in a holster, you have to remove the gun and holster and then remove the gun from the holster. In an emergency every second counts.

The bedbelt also positions the firearm in the exact same location all of the time, so with a little practice there is no question about being able to deploy quickly.

Should I use the bedbelt for a firearm with children in the house?

NO! Firearms should never be left unattended within reach of children under any circumstance, ever! There are a number of great products on the market that have locking mechanisms that can be stored near ones bed. The extra time needed to work a lock combination is well spent to avoid a child from gaining control of a gun.

Why is this the best option for my MP3 Player or iPod?

The bedbelt will securely hold an MP3 player that has a belt clip or case with a belt clip on it. If you position the MP3 player with the headset jack facing up, it will prevent you from doing damage to the player and headset in the event that you roll over. The jack will come out of the player in the direction that it was intended to. By mounting your MP3 player on the side of your bed you also avoid the inevitable case of rolling over on the device and damaging it that way.

How do I mount it to a standard bed?

The bedbelt simply slips between the mattress and the box spring. The weight of the mattress keeps it in place. No additional mounting hardware is required. It can be removed and inserted in seconds.

How do I mount it to a waterbed?

The bedbelt has been designed with 6 mounting holes that will allow you to screw it directly to the bed. Each water bed is designed a little differently. It may be necessary to put a piece of wood in the bottom of the bed so that screw tips won’t be exposed and present a risk for puncturing the water bed matress. Most people mount the bed belt directly to the underhang with screws. We have seen it mounted between the mattress support board and bed frame. With the vast number of waterbed designs creative mounting may be required. If you have a unique installation post it to the support forum for advice.

Can it be mounted to ….

The bedbelt was designed to slide between 2 objects such as a mattress and a box spring. However we did include 6 mounting holes that have allowed it to be mounted to many locations we didn’t think of. We have heard of it being mounted in closets and workshops by fashioning a small shelf to screw the L-Bracket of the bedbelt to. Use your imagination and then let us know what you came up with by posting it to the support forum.

I have satin sheets how do I keep the bedbelt from moving around?

Ok. This question came in along with another that had to do with fuzzy handcuffs. I don’t write the questions, just do my best to answer them. The best solution we have found for this is to wrap the L-Bracket of the bed belt in a material used to line kitchen shelfs. Wally world and most hardware stores will have a rubber mat material that is used in cubbards to rest dishes on. This material works perfectly by giving the bedbelt the ability to stick to the bed and sheets, while not actually bonding to them. If there are enough requests we will start selling this material on the web site as an option.


The bedbelt is warranted for materials and manufacturer defects for 1 year from the date of purchase. We warrant the product for no specific use, only for defects of material and manufacturing. The extent of the warranty is replacement the defective product or refund of the purchase price.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Hey we think this is a great product and hope that you will too. If however you find that it just isn’t going to work out for you for any reason, let us know why it didn’t work out, ship the product back to us within 90 days of purchase and we will refund your purchase price. Please contact us for an RMA number so that you can be properly credited.

It is important for us to know why it didn’t work out for you for 2 reasons. First we always want to improve on our products to meet the needs of as many people as possible. Secondly if we have advertised it in such a way that it is not exactly what you thought you were purchasing, we want to know so that we can correct our advertising information.

In the end you are the reason that we are in business. Our greatest advertising comes from happy customers who tell their friends and associates.

Who is CNE Creative Enterprises?

CNE Creative Enterprises, LLC is an engineering company that focuses on in house and contract product development. Our engineering team has experience in mechanical, electrical and software engineering. We prefer to work on fun and exciting new products that are primarily focused on embedded control and wireless technologies. We have worked on a number of projects for law enforcement, secure vending and other security related industries.

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